Potrero, Villa Fiorito, Buenos Aires. 

In Argentina, football was popularly learned and developed in improvised spaces or parks called potreros, without any institutional supervision or preparation for its practice. 

These circumstances allowed the broad development of a special style, called fútbol de potrero. based fundamentally on improvisation and individual skill in handling the ball, the so-called arte de la gambeta (dribbling), and the short pass, as well as a more physical and violent defensive game.

Potrero football is also characterized by minimal collective coordination and less use of long-distance shooting. One of the main analysts and defenders of potrero football was the journalist Dante Panzeri who conceived the game as a "dynamic of the unthinkable".

This year I started to work on a new long-term project looking at the Legacy of Maradona’s figure in Argentina. The proceeds from the sale of this print will go towards the development of the project.  


10 x 8 inch
25 x 20 cm

Digital C-Type Print  
(print only)

Signed by the artist on a certificate provided

Edition of 100